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Updated 4/25/07

You need Mesa(3.0 or better) or the Open GL graphics library before you can build the GUI part of my code. Download it at the Mesa 3-D site:
Here is a link to my first journal paper. The paper is titled, Re-examining the QUICKEST algorithm for two-dimensional incompressible fluids , pubished in the journal, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids .

It is based on my fluid dynamics code, SLFCFD.
Here are some Finite Element Resources on the Net. Basically, they are pages which have linked to mine.

  2. SAL - Scientific Applications on Linux -

  3. FEMur - Finite Element Method universal resource -

  4. Sourceforge The Premier host of Free Software and Open Source projects. They are also hosting SLFFEA .

  5. Freshmeat - Very current general software archive -

  6. FreeBSD Ports: CAD The FreeBSD people seem to view my software as mainly for CAD. That's fine by me. You can use this site as another download mirror.

  7. NEi Nastran is a powerful general purpose finite element analysis tool with an integrated graphical user interface and model Editor which is used to analyze linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics, and heat transfer characteristics of structures and mechanical components. This page on their site contains a list of engineering resources.

  8. Mark Hampsey's Ph.D thesis used SLFFEA for some of his work. The title is Multiobjective Evolutionary Optimisation of Small Wind Turbine Blades which you can read more about at the University of Newcastle Wind Energy Group's site . You can get a PDF file of it here .

  9. Bastiaan N. Veelo made a study of using Open Source in a paper called The Potential of Free Software for Ship Design. It contains a good survey of various Free engineering packages. You can get the PDF here .

  10. The Linux Software Encyclopedia


  12. A group at the University of Illinois, on their CS433 Course Project page, had a Sun port of the brick, as well as make a study involving different solution methods. They've also parallelized the code. Their page is no longer there, but I have downloaded their code.

  13. Qi Yang's homepage. He is working on a Windows port and has submitted some nice bug fixes . His page is also a good resource for MFC programmers.

  14. Dan Holstein's homepage. He wrote a GiD data converter for SLFFEA.

  15. Informacje Ogolne Page

  16. Liste de Logiciels d'Analyse Numérique Gratuits

  17. Rowin Andruscavage combined FEA with Gnome 3D tetris using SLFFEA to make FEAtris . What an interesting use of Finite Element Analysis! This reminds me of Julian Holt's work.

  18. Another extensive software directory.

  19. Roland Smith's bookmark page

  20. XWING.ORG's excellent engineering resource.

  21. An Italian software directory.

  22. Antonio Carlos de Oliveira Miranda's Home page.

  23. A German directory of numerical software.

  24. The Finite Element Modelling Group which is related to Queen's University, Belfast.

  25. This page is a "Directory of Engineering, FEA and CAD Freeware & Shareware". It has many links.

  26. SLFFEA is listed in this collection of BeOS applications . The site is a directory of software which can run on the BeOS operation system.

  27. This page has a good collection of scientific software links.

  28. The Teknik Sipil Unhas site has many engineering related links.

  29. This Italian site has lots of information on FEM as applied to mechanics including software, tutorials, links, and books.

  30. The Engineers Edge site has a page which lists several engineering software packages.
Some very good GNU/Linux resources are at:

You should also visit the page of the Free Software Foundation:

[The GNU Project]
Dr.Pozrikidis of UCSD gave me a link from his homepage at: .

He also has a book on the finite element method called Introduction to Finite and Spectral Element Methods using Matlab which you can get at: .

The above site has all the Matlab codes contained in the book. It also has a list of useful links.
Finally, here's a link to the distribution of GNU/Linux that I use:

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